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Terms of Use

Intellectual property rights

Site (application) — the original creation, content, structure, the design of which is protected by intellectual property rights. Works or games from third parties and content created by the Site Owner (for example, texts, logos, drawings, images, sounds, audio, video, audiovisual files) are also protected.
Any use or reproduction of elements of the Site without the written and explicit consent of the Owner is prohibited.

The Mini-Games application (com.figri.minigames) is only a platform for playing content (games), and does not contain anything that could violate anyone’s rights. Therefore, in case of any request to remove illegal information, please contact the f-igri.ru website or its sub-domains m.f-igri.ru and en.f-igri.ru directly.

Copyright protection

Trademarks and names, including names of individuals, names of products or works, trade / brand names, are protected by law.
We check reports of violations and remove illegal information at the request of the copyright holders. It is necessary to file a complaint about the violation by e-mail to admin@f-igri.ru with attachments of supporting documents.


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